Accomodation in Florence

We offer 2 categories: private lodging and apartments.
A choice of accommodation which is most satisfactory and suited to your needs is an essential part of your stay in Florence. For this reason we have carefully selected accommodations and families. One of our staff members is personally in charge of the choice and regularly performs on-site quality controls of the accommodation we are offering.
You’ll be reassured to know that with most of the apartment owners and families we have been working for many years now and they know by experience what the role of a host is. Anyway it is obvious that you will have to adjust a bit to the rules of Italian life and lifestyle. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need further information about the accommodation you want us to reserve.
The shared areas in the apartments or your room will be cleaned by your arrival. In the meantime you and the other residents are expected to keep your apartment clean. Sheets are provided.

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